Zala Zala

  1. Teer Nai Tore
  2. Tor Hashite
  3. Kal Gelo
  4. Pothiker Vhari Bozha
  5. Talee Talee
  6. Tor Kotha
  7. Zala Zala
  8. Prethibee Prethibee
  9. Aei Kotha

John Litton BAROÏ - Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonium, Acoustic Guitar
Pierre VERVLOESEM - Guitar, Bass, Programming
Sandip BHATTACHARVA - Tablas
Peter VANDENBERGHE - Keyboards
Didier FONTAINE - V-Drums

Contact: Guy Segers
Téléphone: +32 2 242 97 03
Label: Carbon 7
Distribution: Carbon 7

Date publication: 2001
Date sortie: 01 février 2002
Tel. promo: +32 2 242 97 03
Ref: C7-060

A new east-west link between two vastly different musicians.
And a combination it would have been very difficult to anticipate, because there was reason for the se two worlds to meet. But they did, and this is the result - a stunning combination of the traditional heritage of Bangladeshi folksongs readapted into new compositions by John Litton BAROÏ, and the diamond-edged arrangements of Pierre VERVLOESEM.
This visionary musician gives a whole new look to the style the Indo-British school has created in recent years.
Now the movement has a new partner, if not leader.
The songs are poetic, and the atmosphere where John Litton BAROÏ takes us is soft and sensual.
Phrases float and fly, painting the decor of their native region. And during this time, Pierre VERVLOESEM lays down an implacable rhythm, beating the songs like diamonds on granite.
Sparks fly out of the phrases that Pierre drums from his guitar, for Pierre is no ordinary guitarist, probably one of the best on the planet right now.

More and more artists are calling on his services, from David BYRNE to Marc RIBOT. (And let's not forget that it was Pierre who produced dEUS' first album...).