Brussels based and in Bangladesh born musician John Litton Baroi devotes himself to fusion music. Being a song writer, composer, instrumentalist and singer he so far published three albums and works on several music projects differing vastly in style, from Indian classical music and Bengali folk influences to rock and pop effects.

As singer, Baroi uses different vocal techniques, profiting from the long term studies with his private teacher Vhobesh Chettarji. As a composer he creates musical concepts which are rooted in traditional oriental sounds mixed with contemporary tone.

In Zala Zala, an album created in collaboration with the guitarist and arranger Pierre Vervloesem, the blend of instruments is subtle: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonium, synthesizer, various percussions, drums. While remaining true to its Asian roots this album never strays too far from a contemporary breakbeat or pulsing dancefloor vibe, giving it a perfect balance between east and west that welcomes all listeners.

In ‘Serendipity’ (Studio Pagol) there is a mixture of mystical voices, traditional and modern instruments, which captivate the listener and might bring him to the border of pagol (madness in Bengali).

Probashi, Baroi’s first album published in Bangladesh, contains a collection of modern and folk songs in Bengali.

Whatever the emotional condition of the listener might be, Baroi’s works offer him a musical sensation in harmony with Baroi’s actual emotions. His music, filled with a true passion for a qualitative spiritual level, rises beyond the sensitive world to reach the spirit of the person. It strives to reach accordance with the sensitiveness of the generations to come.

John Litton Baroi is Christian with a strong focus on supporting people in need. He therefore supports charitable activities and his long term objective is to improve living conditions in his native Birth place.